Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root Words

Sub: Under
  • Submarine
  • Substitute
  • Subterranean
  • Subway
  • Subtitle

Abby walked into the classroom and saw a substitute sitting at the teacher's desk. She hated subs. Abby took her seat and the teacher started to talk. The sub said that before the class learns anything, he wanted to open the kids imagination. He told them a story about how the sub got there...

"The way I got here was by my submarine. It was a big submarine. But I didn't like that, so I decided to go on the subway. The subway went all the way down to the bottom of the earth, so I saw lava and rocks. When I saw the sun again, it was in the play yard here."

The fantasy was over and the sub wrote what the class needed to learns today on the broad.

Monday, January 4, 2016

"What is it you will do with your one wild and precious?"

The thing that I will do with my life is that more dogs need homes. I want to volunteer at a dog shelter and foster dogs when I am older. Possibly even adopt the dogs that I foster.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


“Maggie, could you come down here for a moment?” Maggie heard a man's voice call up to her in the middle of the night. Six-year-old Maggie obeyed, excited to see her dad. She had not seen him for a while. The creaky stairs were cold on her bare feet. Maggie lived with her mom in a two-bedroom, twin house.
“Coming!” she called down. When she got to the end of the stairs and looked into her mom’s room, the door cracked open a little. She saw her mom sound asleep in the bed when she heard her name again.
“Who’s there? Where are you?” asked a frightened Maggie.
“There’s no need to be afraid. I’m your friend,” said the same voice. It was coming from the kitchen. Maggie planted her feet on the ground, yet somehow she was still moving without moving her feet. She tried to scream, yet no sound came out. She was being kidnapped in her own home.
When she got to the kitchen after the long hall and splinters in her heels, she saw a man that looked just like her dad and ran up to hug him when an old smelly potato sack was thrown over her head.
She felt herself get thrown into a car and driven away. The car smelled like death itself, of people suffering. The car was very cramped and there were boxes all around Maggie
After the long drive to somewhere, she felt herself get picked up and carried. Maggie heard a large door open and slam shut.
“Where are you taking me?” Maggie asked wearily.
“Somewhere little brats belong,” answered the man.
The old moldy sack was taken off to reveal a smelly, rusty, abandoned factory. Maggie looked up to see that the roof had caved in a little and she wondered how long before it fell.
“Why’re you doing this? Why did you take me from my home, my mommy?” asked Maggie desperately.
“I told you, you are a little brat and brats are supposed to live their lives with misery,”replied the man.
“What did I do to become a brat?”
“All kids are brats when they’re born.” The man pushed her into a cage, then pushed a button that made the cage go up to the ceiling. “You will spend the rest of your life here.” Then she saw why the van and factory smelled, and why the roof was caving, there were thousands upon thousands of cages with people young and old, dead and alive. Terror ran through her.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Secret

I walked down the stairs in my tight leggings and toward the kitchen where Mom was. She was sitting and drinking her coffee. The whole way there I was practicing in my head. I was trying to be confident, but it was hard. My palms were super sticky and warm. I thought that I was going to bail out and turn back, but before I knew it I was standing in front of her, there was no bailing out now.
“Can I get a dog?” I blurted out so fast that I could barely hear myself talk. I wanted to get it over with quickly. “I would take care of her. I would wash her, feed her, walk her, and play with her. Please Mom!”
“NO! Why did you ask that?” Mom asked surprised. I didn’t think that I would get that response. Mom had long, wavy, hazelnut hair. Her beautiful light brown eyes were in shock. Ever since Dad died, Mom was never the same. I never got to know my dad that well. He died when I was only 3 and Mom hasn’t told me a lot about it. All I know is that he died of a health problem.
“What did I do and why are you yelling? Why will you not give me a chance? Do you not trust me?”
“Alice, I SAID NO! That is that! You are not getting a dog,” With that, she walked out swiftly and I knew that the little chat had to be over.
I looked for my best friend, Maggie, in the cafeteria the next day. Maggie had short hair, almost like a bob cut. It was blond and lush. Her eyes were beautiful, they were ice blue. 
“I was looking all over for you. Where were you?” I asked, “Lunch is almost over and I have something to tell you. It is very important,” I told Maggie as she was getting closer.
“I was at my locker and we still have 30 minutes,” replied Maggie, “What’cha need to talk about?”
“You know how I want a puppy, right.” Maggie replied with a nod. “Well, I finally asked my mom, but she replied quickly and said no. She was almost surprised that I asked that question.”
“I would be surprise too if my daughter asked for a puppy out of nowhere,”
“It’s not just that though, the look on her face looked, looked almost like it brought back a bad memory. Ever since my dad past, we told each over everything, but she never told me anything related to a dog.”
“Maybe your mom didn’t want to tell you about it yet.”
“She would of though, a few days ago, we spent the whole night telling secrets to each other, every last one.”
“Let me guess, you're going to try and find the answer like you always do. Alice, maybe you should let this one go.” Suddenly, the bell rang. The two of us went our separate ways for the rest of the day.
We meant up by the park to walk home together after school. All I could think about was how I was going to find out about Mom’s past. If I justed asked her, it would be the easiest thing, I though, but it might be too risky. I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t tell me about it if I just asked though. Only one question kept going through my mind, Why does Mom hate puppies? Then it got worse, a saw a happy dog and a happy owner playing in the parks together. I was starting to get furious with my mom. I could feel my face turn red as blood in anger.
I decided to confront Mom as soon as I walked in the door. It was risky, but I had to try. I marched down the stairs with angry to ask her why I couldn’t have a dog.
“Why do you hate puppies and why can’t I get one?” I almost screamed at Mom. I was angry and I hope that she knew that. I should know what happened.
“Honey, you wouldn’t understand. It is the dark tru-,”I cut Mom off and I was sure that I was in so much trouble. Mom looked shocked.
“Tell me! Why haven’t you shared it yet. I’m old enough and we share everything now.” I was screaming with anger. I felt my hands turn into fists.
“Fine, I’ll tell you everything at dinner.”
That night at dinner, tension was high before Mom told the truth. Mom finally did tell me everything. She was right, it was the dark truth.
“Okay honey, I’ll start from the beginning,” Mom told me sadly. She cupped her hands over mine. Her eyes looked liked they were about to start pouring out with tears, “Your dad and I had a dog and she was the best dog ever. I didn't know everything though. She died a few years later and I, who was stupid, thought that all dogs were like her. Your dad and I were taking a walk together and we saw a homeless dog, so we called it over. The dog had a sickness apparently, and it bit your dad in the park. When you were 3, it finally reached his heart. He died in the hospital that night.”
I was down to tears, both of use were. I never knew that was how he died. I thought Dad had died of natural sickness. We spent the whole night watching movies that we loved and I finally understood why Mom would never tell me. I never asked for a dog again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Story Teaser

I walked down the stairs and toward the kitchen where Mom was. The whole way there I was practicing in my head. I was trying to be confident, but it was hard to. My palms were sticky and warm. I thought that I was going to bail out and turn back, but before I knew it, I was even ready, I was standing in front of her.

“Can I get a dog?” I asked fastly to Mom wanting to get it over with. I was trying to be confident, “I would take care of her. I would wash her, feed her, walk her, and play with her. Please!”

“NO! Why did you ask that?” Mom asked surprised, “You can not ever ask that again. I can’t believe that you asked that!” Mom had long, wavy hair the color of hazelnut. Her beautiful light brown eyes were in shock. Ever since Dad died, Mom was never the same. I never knew my dad that well. He died when I was 3 and Mom hasn’t told me a lot about it.

I chose this as my excerpt because I think that it has the most tension in the story. I also chose this because I believe that it is a strong beginning. This also mainly tells the conflict in the story.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scenes and Summarys

The book that I am reading is “The Broken Spell”, by Erika Mcgann. She uses scenes most of the time. Scene includes dialogue, action, emotion, and thoughts. Erika Mcgann uses scenes when that part of the book is important to the story. She also uses summaries when she wants to get the point across. Summaries are when you want to quickly change the scene. Erika is pretty good at both, but I personally like it better when she does a scene. I like knowing more information than less.

One example of a scene is when Grace, Una, Adie, Rachel, and Jenny (the five main characters) are in Mr. Pamuk’s witch shop. The author uses a detailed description of what they smelled and what they saw. There were a few pages of dialogue during their time in the shop. Another thing that I saw was that the author made it easy to see how they were feeling. One of the examples is when Grace saw something weird in the mirror at the shop. You could tell by the words that the author uses to tell that she was freaked out.

Some things I noticed in the in one summary is that the author just brushed past it with two sentences, but they said a lot. The sentence said “One pleasant hour later, and it was time to go. The girls groaned in protest.” You can see the idea the time has passed.